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Solar Warranties Are Peace of Mind

At Royal Eye Solar, one of our top goals is to meet and exceed your expectations starting from our first day working together. We take your trust in choosing us as Installation Company seriously, and that includes offering you the best solar panel warranties and performance guarantees available.

We guarantee that the solar system we install at your home or business complies with the manufacture's specifications. We are giving 25 years power warranty for panel Our full protection/workmanship warranty will cover all materials, parts and workmanship and will be effective for ten years from the date of our initial solar installation. Our warranty also includes your roof where the panels are installed as a leak-free installation is a top priority. The Scudder warranty includes installation, racking systems, inverter boxes, cables and more.

Please note that solar panel warranties will vary depending upon the manufacture chosen, and each solar product we offer to you will come with its own warranties and performance guarantees in addition to our own workmanship warranty.

Solar Inverter , MPPT AND BATTERY warranty

Royal Eye Solar’s Inverter , MPPT and BATTERY is manufacturing the highest quality solar inverters for on grid system and off grid system . For on grid system we only use the highest quality solar inverters manufactured by some of the top solar companies in the country and much like solar panels, Inverter, MPPT and Battery, we provide 5 years warrenty.